Readers ask: What Is Tourism Like In Norway?

Is tourism important in Norway?

Tourism in the economy. In the last decade, the economic contribution of tourism in Norway has increased considerably, reaching NOK 120.3 billion in 2017. In 2017, the tourism sector employed 166 000 people, representing 6.1% of total employment. The sector has become a significant employer, particularly in rural areas

Which area of Norway is most popular with foreign tourists?

Oslo had the highest number, but also Lillehammer and Vestland have a high position. French tourists also visit many places. 9 from 10 French tourists go to Oslo and also the other bigger towns are very popular. The number of tourists who travel to the North Cape is high – one out of three has been to the North cape.

Why is Norway a popular tourist destination?

Norway offers visitors an incredible mix of cultural and natural wonders. From cosmopolitan Oslo to its endless snowcapped mountain peaks and deep fjords, there’s no end of choices for travelers in the land of the midnight sun and stunning northern lights.

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How many tourists visit Norway annually?

All data for Norway in detail

Year Numberof tourists Income per tourist
2019 5.88 m 1,179 $
2018 5.69 m 1,248 $
2017 6.25 m 1,094 $
2016 5.96 m 1,055 $


How much does a Norway trip cost?

A vacation to Norway for one week usually costs around kr7,110 for one person. So, a trip to Norway for two people costs around kr14,221 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs kr28,441 in Norway.

What is Norway known for?

Best things Norway is known for

  • 1) Fjords.
  • 2) Lofoten Islands.
  • 4) Norwegian salmon.
  • 5) Norwegian heart shaped Waffles.
  • 6) Vikings.
  • 7) The Scream.
  • 8) Winter Olympics.
  • 9) Skiing.

What are 3 interesting facts about Norway?

Here come the Norway facts you never knew you needed to know!

  • The world’s longest road tunnel is in Norway.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo.
  • The world’s most remote island is a Norwegian territory.
  • Norway has a land border with Russia.
  • Kirkenes is farther east than all of Finland.
  • Norway is home to Hell.

Which country visits Norway the most?

Arrivals by country

Rank Country 2015
1 Germany 1,459,908
2 Sweden 1,097,231
3 Denmark 749,517
4 United Kingdom 704,508

Do people speak English in Norway?

The vast majority of Norwegians speak English in addition to Norwegian – and generally on a very high level. Many university degree programmes and courses are taught in English.

Why should people travel to Norway?

Norway is a country with plenty of space, friendly people and lots to offer. From skiing and polar bears to beautiful fjords and mountains, Norway has something to satisfy every kind of visitor.

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What food is Norway known for?

Norway Food Favorites You Should Not Miss

  • Brunost (Brown Cheese) Sourdough bread topped with Brunost cheese is a typical morning starter in Norway.
  • Sjømat (Seafood)
  • Fiskesuppe ( Norwegian Fish Soup)
  • Fiskekaker ( Norwegian Fish Cake)
  • Rørkaviar (Tubed Caviar)
  • Kjøttkaker ( Norwegian Meatballs)
  • Pølser (Hot Dogs)
  • Bærn (Berries)

What do they eat in Norway?

We like to have boiled potatoes with all kinds of food, although rice and pasta have become more normal in modern times. A typical Norwegian dinner can be everything from sausages and potatoes, to an Asian wok, or perhaps an Italian pasta dish. Meatballs are also a popular dish, eaten with gravy and potatoes.

How many tourists go to Norway?

Since 2009, the number of international tourists visiting Norway for at least one overnight stay increased constantly. As of 2019, there were 1.5 billion arrivals across national borders recorded.

Where can you see the northern lights in Norway?

There are a few prime spots for spotting the northern lights in Norway, and they are:

  • Tromsø
  • Kirkenes.
  • The Lofoten Islands.
  • North Cape (Nordkapp)
  • Svalbard.

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