What To Do With A Degree In Recreation And Tourism?

What kind of jobs can you get with a tourism degree?

Popular Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Hotel/Restaurant Sales Manager.
  • Hotel Revenue Manager.
  • Director of Resort Facilities.
  • General Hotel Manager.
  • Restaurant Manager.
  • Banquet Manager.
  • Head of Food and Beverage.
  • Meeting, Convention and Event Planners.

What is recreation and tourism?

Spending quality time during travel is important for sport tourists today. The main aims of recreational tourism include active participation in some kind of recreational activity, or, participating in a sport or cultural event as spectator.

Is Parks and Rec a real job?

Parks and recreation employees are government workers who strive to protect the environment and enhance the quality of life for people in their communities, operating recreation centers and creating low-cost or free options to enjoy the outdoors.

What jobs can you get with a recreation and leisure degree?

5 Great Jobs with a Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies

  • Park Ranger. The outdoors need looking after, and these individuals are the fortunate ones who get to do that on a full-time basis.
  • Fitness Center Manager.
  • Coach.
  • Sports Information Director.
  • Amusement Park Manager.
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What is the highest paying job in tourism?

Here are some of the best-paid jobs in Hospitality & Tourism:

  • Food and Beverage Director – 67,600 USD/year.
  • Executive Chef – 60,000 USD/year.
  • Housekeeping Director – 56,700 USD/year.

How can I make a career in tourism?

Apply for an entry-level position. If you are just starting out in the tourism industry, look for an entry-level job that has fewer educational or training requirements. Such positions may include being a server or customer service representative in a hotel, hostel, casino, or other tourist attraction.

What are the 4 types of recreational activities?

Types of Recreation

  • Physical activities (sports, games, fitness, etc.)
  • Social activities (parties, banquets, picnics, etc.)
  • Camping and outdoor activities (day camps, resident camps, backpacking, float trips, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts activities (painting, scrapbooking, ceramics, woodworking, etc.)

What are the 3 types of tourist?

There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism.

How many types of recreation are there?

Recreation can be categorized into two general types: active and passive. Active recreation, entailing direct participation, involves activities such as jetskiing in bays and kayaking down rivers.

Why is it impossible to get a National Park Service job?

The simplest reason is there are very few park ranger jobs compared to how many people want to become park rangers. And very few of those, very few jobs, come available. I’m sure you’re competing with people across the country applying for the same job, probably with more and better suited experience than you.

How do I get a job at a state park?

How to get a job with State Parks

  1. Submit State Application for Exam.
  2. Get on an Eligibility List.
  3. Participate in a hiring Interview.
  4. Step 1: Submit State Application Form (STD 678) – to take the qualification exam.
  5. Step 2: Take an Exam – to qualify for future vacancies.
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What do Recreation workers do?

Recreation workers design and lead activities to help people stay active, improve fitness, and have fun. They work with groups in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centers, nursing care facilities, nature parks, and other settings.

What are some related recreation career opportunities?

Higher Paid

  • Athletes and Sports Competitors.
  • Athletic Trainers.
  • Exercise Physiologists.
  • Fitness Trainers and Instructors.
  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners.
  • Recreational Therapists.
  • Rehabilitation Counselors.
  • School and Career Counselors.

What are three benefits of recreation and leisure?

Taking part in recreational activities, especially outdoors, can greatly improve physical health. People who take part in park activities such as walking, hiking, or skiing, schedule fewer office visits, maintain lower body fat percentages, and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

What are three jobs in recreation and amusement?

Careers in the Recreation, Amusements and Attractions Pathway

Average Athletes and Sports Competitors
Average Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials
Decline Gaming Change Persons and Booth Cashiers
Average Gaming Cage Workers


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